Creating a virtual Jami

It’s been three years since I created the current virtual peformance of the Jami Symphony with the relatively basic tools and sounds in Sibelius. That was quite an achievement and took about three months. The result is ok as a first attempt to bring the Jami to the listener. I received much encouragement at the time which was, well, very encouraging. I post it here just for convenience and for comparison to the VSL performances I’ll post in the future.

1st Movement

2nd Movement

3rd Movement

4th Movement

It has always been a goal to create a performance using the wonderous bag of tricks that is the Vienna Symphonic Library. Something along the lines of their ground breaking demos of Pictures at an Exhibition and The Rite of Spring.

Three years ago neither the software nor the hardware was available to me to be able to achieve that goal. Since then we have had Windows 7 64 bit, Intel i7 processors and motherboards that can accomodate much larger amounts of RAM. Sibelius has moved on apace and VSL have produced their choir library and several new software tools such as Vienna MIR and the Vienna Instrument Pro. All these make great strides towards making the project possible and perhaps most importantly prices have started to come down.

I’m not certain that even if I had a money tree and could buy whatever PC bits and software I wanted that it would yet be possible to create a complete performance but I believe I have enough now to start dipping my toe in the water and experimenting and practicing with these tools.

I intend therefore to start creating virtual snippets and thought I would create this blog to chart progress. I may not yet get beyond the foothills and all it may confirm is it’s impossibility. We shall see.

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