3rd Movement performance can now progress.

I decided to get one more hardware obstacle out of the way before really getting stuck into the 3rd movement. It is a real pain only having one monitor and having to tab backwards and forwards between Sibelius and the VSL software. And the score really wants the monitor in portrait to get the most out of it but the VSL software looks best in landscape.

So since Christmas I’ve been investigating a second monitor and needles to say it’s proved anything but straight forward. I started off by looking at a brand new 24 inch Samsung. After much web searching the best price I could find was £119. But then suddenly up popped a site selling it for £86. Purchase was thru paypal so I went straight ahead. Money cleared quickly but within a couple of days the website disappeared off the web. Thank goodness for paypal. Opened up a dispute with them and money refunded after a couple of weeks.

Second attempt was thru eBay. Decided to go for a 26 inch Samsung very similar to my current one. Saw a few auctions go by with prices reaching £180 so was discouraged until a “Buy Now” monitor came up for £110 so snapped it up. Couple of days, after taking my money, later the seller reneges on the deal with the excuse he only just noticed the HDMI connection was faulty. I pointed out to him I don’t use HDMI but he said he’d already refunded the money. I’m convinced he’d spotted the auction prices were far higher than I’d bought it for and I’ve no doubt it will reappear for auction fairly soon.

After two fiascos and several lost weeks I decided to go the easier and quicker (but more expensive) route and shell out for a brand new monitor from a reputable dealer. Which rather surprisingly turned out to be Argos who sold me a 27 inch monitor (cos Samsung don’t make 26 inch any more) for £218.

The next issue was space. Me and my PC are banished to a corner of the front room where I have a small computer desk wedged between the radiator and an immovable shelving unit. My lovely big 26 inch monitor fits perfectly so how on earth could I fit a second monitor in.  One saving grace is having one of them in portrait mode and the other in landscape. With a small amount of wood sawing and removing part of my CD collection to the shed and angling both screens inwards with one flush up against the window and the other flush up against the immovable shelving unit they just fit.

Now I’m ready (I think) to get stuck in proper to the third movement.

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