They’re Back!

I’m back on it. Following xmas 2018 I managed to get together enough finance to build me a monster PC. Once assembled I went straight into testing it on the remainder of the 3rd movement from where I had left off nearly six years ago. It quickly became apparent I was good to go and the new machine could cope with whatever I wanted to throw at it without compromise. Needless to say I was too excited creating the performance to worry about updating this blog and in any event I had forgotten usernames and passwords. Obviously I’ve now resolved that and can now regularly update the legion of followers of this blog and Sorabji fans worldwide (insert emotican for tongue in cheek here).

I know there are lots of broken links to earlier posts and I will get round to trying to sort that in due course but first I will post all the exciting stuff I’ve been doing in the last few months. Regular visitors to the Sorabji Archive forum will spot much duplication of posts there.

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