MS Page 565 – Violins divisi a 16

I have completed my first effort to retrofit the performance of the first 72 minutes of the 3rd movement made in 2013 onto the 2019 performance of the remainder of the movement. It’s been tricky making sure various settings, particularly volume settings match and the performances sound seemless. Much work was necessary for the keyboards, tuned and untuned percussion. It’s taken a couple of weeks and hopefully it’s worked OK.

This excerpt is the last 6 minutes leading up to the excerpt posted on 22 June 2019 commencing MS Page 591 so you play one after the other and judge for yourself whether the performances sound seemless.

The notable thing about this section is it contains the lenghty passage when the 1st and 2nd violins divide into eight parts each. This is the 3rd time I have tried to render this passage and is hopefully the best. However the texture around the violins is itself extremely dense so picking out detail is difficult.

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