MS Page 432

Chronologically, this is the 2nd of 8 excerpts. The whole 3rd movement is likely to come in at over 2 hours and this excerpt is 0hr 21m to 0hr 31m.

Its notable for several significant trumpet solos including the quotation from a symphony by Chausson. There are two lengthy sections for full chorus, orchestra and organ. After the second, at the end of this except, is one of my favourite moments when unison cellos and basses lead into a long, quiet, sustained B major chord spread across multi divisi strings which is at first disturbed by movement in the lower strings but then settles back and over which 4 sopranos distantly intone a variant of the main motive of the whole symphony. Stunning.

That leaves the final chunk of the 3rd movement to do which is the 1st 20 minutes. That’ll take a while what with the start of the new music season and several band contests and orchestral gigs coming up but I am hopeful I could have the whole of the 3rd movement finished by Christmas.

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