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Top left gentlemen.

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I had thought I would take a break from Jami after the 3rd Movement. I have lots of other smaller projects gathering dust on the shelves. But, relative to the small but concentrated Sorabjiverse, there has been a very positive reaction to the completed 3rd movement and I am much encouraged and buoyed up so couldn’t resist getting straight on with the 1st Movement.

Whilst most people were recently listening to the 3rd, I listened to the 1st for possibly the first time for many years, maybe even a decade. I did the 2nd movement first in 2012 because it was short and I was learning my craft. At that point I realised my skills and my hardware may not be up to the task of the whole symphony. The 1st movement was very much my favourite and I didn’t want to tackle that until I knew me and my hardware could cope. My thinking was, if I could do the 3rd movement, the longest and most difficult, then the 1st and 4th would fall into place.

After 18 months I realised me and my hardware were not up to the task, so I stopped. 5.5 years later I could afford to build a beast of a computer and the software had improved immeasurably. I had also learnt much from listening to performances of Sorabji’s mightiest works from both Jonathan Powell and Kevin Bowyer and developed ideas about interpretation. The completed 3rd movement, I think, justifies continuing with the project and so I have got straight back on the wagon and plowed into the 1st Movement. I shall update as things progress.


3rd Movement Complete

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Here it is, the complete 3rd movement

Although I completed the performance in November 2019, in an attempt to encourage greater engagement, I decided to make a commentary which runs for the whole 2+ hours. This turned out to be more time consuming than I had envisaged.

The commentary consists of my factual/prosaic description of the music as it progresses intermingled with text about, and quotes from, Sorabji as well as a technical description of how the performance was created. Permission was obtained from professor Roberge to use material from Opus Sorabjianum and from Alistair Hinton to use text from Mi Contra Fa and Around Music.

I have always envisaged presenting the complete performance of the symphony alongside a film of some kind. Perhaps a collage of text/film/pictures associated with Sorabji and this symphony.

Just using text is not ideal, but a start, and I quickly realised I needed to be far better organised about what text and how placed and this aspect will need re-visiting when the whole symphony has been done.

One moment of serendipity has encouraged me though. The placing of Sorabji’s description of the music in Szymanosvki’s 3rd Symphony at one of the most ravishing moments in the Jami Symphony is goosebumpingly uncanny. 1:17:04 in the video.

I would be really interested in any comments about any aspect of this performance, good or constructive. What wonderful music. On to the 1st Movement next.

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