Top left gentlemen.

I had thought I would take a break from Jami after the 3rd Movement. I have lots of other smaller projects gathering dust on the shelves. But, relative to the small but concentrated Sorabjiverse, there has been a very positive reaction to the completed 3rd movement and I am much encouraged and buoyed up so couldn’t resist getting straight on with the 1st Movement.

Whilst most people were recently listening to the 3rd, I listened to the 1st for possibly the first time for many years, maybe even a decade. I did the 2nd movement first in 2012 because it was short and I was learning my craft. At that point I realised my skills and my hardware may not be up to the task of the whole symphony. The 1st movement was very much my favourite and I didn’t want to tackle that until I knew me and my hardware could cope. My thinking was, if I could do the 3rd movement, the longest and most difficult, then the 1st and 4th would fall into place.

After 18 months I realised me and my hardware were not up to the task, so I stopped. 5.5 years later I could afford to build a beast of a computer and the software had improved immeasurably. I had also learnt much from listening to performances of Sorabji’s mightiest works from both Jonathan Powell and Kevin Bowyer and developed ideas about interpretation. The completed 3rd movement, I think, justifies continuing with the project and so I have got straight back on the wagon and plowed into the 1st Movement. I shall update as things progress.

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