Two Climaxes

I’ve had a fair amount of spare time to spend on the ‘Jami’ recently and have completed the first large chunk of the 1st movement which takes us to around 16 minutes. This video consists of two excerpts, the first glorious polyphony moment and the first major climax.

MS pages 15-20

Starting at about 7 minutes into the symphony is the first emotional climax when the whole orchestra and chorus sing glorious, tonal, polyphony. It opens with a descending trombone line and soon leads, via high violin harmonics to a crescendo of descending triads in the lower strings with a rising gong, then rising crotchets in upper strings and wind, a trumpet fanfare, and a bass led cadence into ‘F’ major led tonality.

MS pages 29-36

The second half of the video. starting at around 13’20” into the symphony is the first major climax, and it’s a doozy! It is preceded by quiet descending and ascending parallel tonal chords in the strings before kicking off a massively complex section for the whole orchestra including percussion. Too complex to describe in detail there are more notes in these 7 pages than in 7 Haydn symphonies. Towards the end there are huge descending parallel chords, a regular feature of the symphony. The massive final chord is rooted on ‘F’ and is largely ‘F’ minor with most of the other scale notes added.

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