4th Instalment of 1st movement

 So here we all are in coronavirus lockdown. I’m lucky as I have a garden, the weather is good and I have Sorabji to while away the many hours. This has enabled me to finish the next chunk of about 14 minutes which takes me to 44 minutes and nearly the half way mark. I’ve chosen three extracts which are all described in the video. It’s probably just my fancy but there’s a premonitional nod to Michael Nyman and a look back (by couple of decades) to Richard Strauss and the stormy bits of the Alpine Symphony and a passage where I’ve employed metric modulation to determine the tempo, a technique developed by my illustrious namesake Elliott Carter. I could complain that Sorabji didn’t bother with minor details like tempo and dynamic markings but then that wouldn’t allow me to exercise my creativity. Enjoy.

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