1st movement complete

So I’ve finished the performance of the 1st movement. For now I’m offering excerpts from the final 13 minutes but not the actual ending – which is sublime. That will have to wait until I’ve made the complete youtube video with commentary for the whole 94 minutes – no small task.

This final section has the feeling of a coda, there is much ruminating on the music of the very opening, the predominant texture (aside from a couple of full orchestral tuttis) is multi-divis strings playing a shimmering array of techniques with florid piano and harps and high percussion with limited melodic interjections in wind and brass.

The plan now is to check over the whole performance and make any last minute adjustments and then create a complete commentary. Hopefully that will be done before the end of the year. I then want to revise the performance of the 2nd movement before starting on the fourth and final movement during 2021. So keep watching this space.

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